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Feedback Forum
See what teachers are saying:

"I can say in all honesty one of the biggest reasons everyone loves it so much is the beauty of each piece with the accompaniments. It's a rewarding thing for beginning students to have ready made repertoire in this way. I've never seen any other method so consistently musical in every style. Also, the varied styles and tempos give kids a perfect range which keeps them on their toes. It shows you not only know music but you understand kids too."
-Joanna, California

"The Premier series is incredible. I am always raving about it to anyone who will listen. The kids love all the blues and rags, and the teacher/student duets are fun. Actually, the reason I think I have so many students is because of the series. I keep thinking some of my piano kids will quit but they don't. I even have more signed up, but no time!"
-Twila, Nebraska

"I love that 'positions' are never mentioned! Great work on the series!"
-Amber, Wisconsin

"This is such a wonderful program! Kelly is the 3rd to take piano in her family and will love having her own, new, shiny books. I'm excited to teach out of a new method!"
-Amy, Washington

"Thank you for the opportunity to enroll one of my students in your program. I can hardly believe you are so generous. I have a student who is the third in her family to study piano, and it is wonderful to provide her with books that her sisters have not already used, so that she has brand new material–no hand-me-downs!"
-Sr. Mary Carol, KY

"Thank you very much. I delivered the first set of books to Alex just today. His mother was in tears when I told her what you were doing. She is also a student, and has led the way for her son and sacrificed so much financially to keep them both in lessons."
-Dee, IA

"Kids of all levels love this music, play it in recitals and festivals, make lists of favorites that they hear in performance classes and want to play. On more than one occasion I have had students beyond the method book stage ask to play something they heard a younger kid perform simply because one of the pieces grabbed their attention. Truth is, under our old definitions of method books, Alfred's Premier Piano Course doesn't qualify. The music is far too good."
-Amy, New Mexico

"The pacing of Premier is perfect. Concepts are thoroughly reinforced before moving ahead, and for students who can progress a little faster, there are extra activities in the Lesson, Theory, and Technique books."
-Mary, Montana

"I appreciate how the books help the students progress in an educationally sound manner with attention to keyboard skills, fingering (especially the red finger numbers that reinforce reading by notes, not by fingering), and overall structure of music. The workouts are beneficial and aid in the mastering of a passage that would have been difficult without first doing the designated workouts."
-Cheri, Washington

"I enjoy teaching Premier Piano Course for one key reason: my students are learning to read music very well. I especially like the sight-reading examples on the flash cards."
-Bob, Ohio

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