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Now your students will have the technical tools needed to achieve artistic performances. They will encounter skills in four areas-playing naturally (physical aspects), moving freely (around the keyboard), playing beautifully (tone production) and playing artistically. The technical goals are accomplished through three types of activities-patterned exercises with necessary repetitions to make the technique feel natural, artistic etudes that showcase the student's technique in an artistic musical setting and appealing and descriptive exercises called Technique Tools. The nine Technique Tools in Level 1A relate to relaxed shoulders, arm weight, moving freely, strong fingertips, finger weights, repeated notes, thumb position, finger independence and gentle hand rock. Each page in the Technique Book correlates with a specific page in the Lesson Book.
technique 1a

Level 1A $7.99 #27627
technique 1b

Level 1B $7.99 #27628
technique 2a

Level 2A $7.99 #32077
technique 2b

Level 2B $6.99 #32177
technique 3

Level 3 $6.99 #34105
technique 4

Level 4 $6.99 #34106
technique 5

Level 5 $6.99 #35261
technique 6

Level 6 $7.99 #35262
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